STudio Versus

In the south of Berlin you will find my exclusive latex & rubber studio.

The whole studio is equipped with countless meters of latex and 2 latex chambers. As well as many meters of wall and ceiling mirrors hang everywhere here. A refuge was created that could only do justice to a goddess like me! I am demanding of myself, experience it! Regardless of whether you are a sissy, adult baby, patient, toilet, slave or just a fetishist, I have the right equipment for every ailment in my studio!


In order to offer your therapies a suitable space, the Studio Versus was equipped with the most modern SM furniture from Style Fetisch! Here you will meet the gyn chair legend twice - "the super boomer".

My glass toilet chair, a height-adjustable restraint bed, an electric golden punishment goat, the electric slave cross and a slave chair from which there is no escape. But my 2 well-equipped clinics will also give you pleasure.


A punishment goat with a combined bed cell, my awesome sling frame, a rubber playground and a bed for some hot rides with my bi-slaves are available for your needs.

To increase your horniness even more, I offer you my unique Rubber Tech Torture, for this I use my high-tech and heavy rubber toys, such as my 2 Serious Electro & Vacuumkit, the latex bondage sack, the heaviest rubber mask in the universe, the Milker and some more!


  • Black studio
  • Rubber clinic
  • Fetish clinic
  • Latex studio
  • 2 x latex chambers
  • Extreme tubing studio
  • Classic & Electric penalty stand
  • St. Andrew's Cross
  • Black box
  • Bed
  • Fixation couch
  • Fick machine
  • Pillory
  • Lying cage
  • Gyn chair Super Boomer 2 x!
  • Gallows
  • Rack
  • Commode chair
  • Sling lying position & Sling sitting position
  • Nipple / Genital / Anal Torture Devices
  • Vacuum bed
  • Vacuum equipment
  • Latex coffin (inflatable)
  • Masks / also inflatable or vacuum masks
  • 2 x Segufix made of white heavy rubber
  • Slave chair
  • Electro stimulation
  • 2 x ET-312
  • Rubber equipment
  • Transformation equipment
  • Make-up station
  • Treatment couch (height adjustable)
  • Multimedia entertainment
  • Latex clothing for guests


Studio Versus - a world of masks ...

Attention: female colleagues wanted, dominatrixes, fetish ladies, bizarre ladies but also beginners who can complete an apprenticeship please apply.

Tel :0177 - 3 00  88 56 


Montag - Samstag 11 - 21:00 UHR

10177 Potsdamer Platz Berlin