modern way of suction

RUBBER-TECH-TORTURE is not only a special session that is tailored to your needs,

but is also a way of life for me!


Stands for my passion for rubber and latex! I love how it caresses my body, which requires a gun license, and brings my divine curves into position!



Underlines my affinity for everything that is technically new! I pay special attention to technology that enables my guests to increase their cravings and fetishes immeasurably!


Stands for my passion and joy, through education and torture, to show my slaves their limits and to accompany them beyond that, if necessary under duress!

On this page you can now find out everything that could await you in your RUBBER-TECH-TORTURE session and you can book your individual therapy using my session form!


Latex suit Serious Kit:

  • Latex experience on cloud 7 level - unique in the Berlin area!
  • Electricity and vacuum - gagged in a latex suit from SERIOUS KIT and wired to the ET-312!
  • Sensory deprivation knows no limits here
  • Can be individually combined with rubber, latex, vinyl, fixations, gagging, masks, pulsation, lubricants, forced ejaculation by the milker, breath reduction and metamorphosis
  • 600 € - for a 2 hour RUBBER-TECH-TORTURE session including a serious kit

Power device ET-312:

  • Stimulation current device of the absolute top class from EROSTEK
  • 18 specially developed and preprogrammed routines, with wave, intensive, random and audio controlled programs
  • 3 power ranges allow a finer setting of the output level from mild to wild!
  • 2 separate channels allow separate enjoyment in different zones.
  • 2 devices are available in the studio.
  • Corresponding equipment such as anal probe, microphone, pads and several loops.
  • The ET-312 can be combined with all electrical toys. You have an immense selection of these in the studio.
  • In the Studio Versus there are now whole "THREE" ET-312s in action and all that for the most electrifying sessions of all times!

Bondage sack BS 4:

  • Inflatable heavy rubber (1.2 mm) bondage sack from STUDIO GUM
  • Completely packaged and tied you get to feel an experience of the special tightness and warmth
  • Without the possibility of movement, only the mistress has the power and access to your erogenous zones
  • Individual cures and therapies possible

Thickest rubber mask in the universe:

  • Sniff latex, celebrate latex and enjoy through the thickest rubber mask in the world - from RUBBER'S FINEST
  • 2 cm thick and 3.5 kg in weight, this inflatable mask with its unique design is the fulfillment for every cross-border commuter!
  • Wear the mask with hose connections for a neck odor sac which is 5mm thick and inhale the scent of latex.

... and a lot more equipment round off your own RUBBER-TECH-TORTURE

Pleasure in my Studio Versus enough!

Please note - a RUBBER-TECH-TORTURE session is only possible from 2 hours of playing time!

Insights into my world of RUBBER-TECH-TORTURE:

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