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Studio "The Ladies Playground"- your Playroom!


Are you a dominatrix or bizarre lady and want to visit Berlin to give your Berlin slaves the appropriate education!? But you are still looking for a suitable location to meet your requirements and those of your subjects!? Are you still looking for an exquisite and unique rubber paradise deluxe or an authentic bizarre clinic!?


Then the new Studio Versus is in the middle of Berlin, "your place to be". This refuge of bizarre lust is only equipped with the finest BDSM brands to enable its guests to take a luxurious journey through the world of bizarre eroticism.

Experience the versatility and quality of Style Fetish BDSM furniture, including two Super Boomers.


Look forward to a rubber paradise of the extra class! Wrapped in countless meters of latex, you will only find the most well-known latex manufacturers in the world when it comes to playing with rubber and latex. Masks, suits and the right equipment from Rubber's Finest, Demask, Specialist, Studio Gum, Latex AS, Cathouse Clothing, Blackstyle and some more round off the requirements for rubber-loving mistresses and slaves.

Supported by 2 serious kits, 3 milkers, 3 ET 312, 2 Venus 2000, Rubber's Finest rubber luxury sarcophagus, the thickest rubber mask in the universe and much more, every rubber session comes to a satisfying conclusion.


3 cooled studio rooms await you with a large selection of dildos, plugs, whips, floggers and many other sinful toys. The studio is in a perfect location, just 5 minutes from Potsdamer Platz or 3 minutes from the Brandenburg Gate with the Hotel Adlon. Multi-storey car park, U-Bahn station and S-Bahn station are within walking distance for every visitor.


The studio is looking forward to new mistresses, whether for just one session or for several days as a guest lady,

For more information, conditions or specific dates, you can contact me via the contact form.


Regards J


The Studio The Ladies Playground - always one step ahead!


Gummiparadies Playground am Potsdamer Platz

St. Playground Klinikum

E-mail :

 Montag - Samstag 10 - 21:30 UHR

10177 Potsdamer Platz Berlin

U- BHF Mohrenstraße

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