Almost everyone has different preferences

Strengths or weaknesses.

With my experience, I offer a large framework in which we can move.

I expect a polite form of address and reliability.

Reject dominant behavior in my person.

Classical roles are required.

That means, you the gentleman, or the one at my feet.

You don't have to be submissive to be in my favor, but you can!

In short: I receive you according to your inclination.


There is nothing in my repertoire that I don't like to use.

I am sadistic and yet empathetic.

But above all, very experienced and competent!

My razor sharp mind is the reason

why I refuse a code word.

My specializations


My service

  • Beginners, advanced, bi-slave training, couples
  • Anal stretching, fisting, dildos, strap'on
  • Breath reduction
  • Whipping, bastinado, pain education, hard canning, branding
  • Nipple torture, bondage
  • Bi models & slaves are at my disposal
  • CBT Cock and ball torture, ballbusting, trampling
  • Dirty talk, humiliation
  • Electro Strom Nipple Testicle Anal Urethra
  • Fixation, Findom
  • Foot eroticism, Povrection, hand eroticism
  • Rubber fetish, vacuum, chastity belt,
  • Clinic, braces, examinations, injections, needles
  • Long term education, latex
  • Caviar, pee, menstrual games, spitting, dirty games
  • Overnight, gloryhole, shopping / online shopping
  • Nylon, fur erotic, shoe erotic
  • Role play, pet play, adult mommy, diaper fetish
  • Milking machines **, F * ckm machines **
  • Shaves, smoking fetish
  • Seroiuskit (click)
  • Transformation - Sissy - Pet - Alien - Rubber creatures

My taboos

  • Intimate contact
  • Vomit / roman shower
  • Total beginners

NEW! BDSM workshops & more...

You are new to the professional BDSM scene and are still looking for the right entry. Or have you already been able to gain experience as a dominatrix and want to continue your education. Or have you already made a name for yourself in the fetish scene but are still looking for new practices or tips to make your business even more successful !? Then my domina / dominus courses are just right for you!


  • Basics and experience in dealing with guests
  • Basics and advanced training in black classic BDSM
  • Basics and advanced training in white medical BDSM
  • Basics in dealing with latex and rubber in the heavy rubber area
  • Basics in dealing with electrical stimulation equipment
  • Basics in dealing with the Serious Kit System
  • Tips for your website
  • Tips for the right photos & videos
  • Tips for advertising & social media
  • Basics for dealing with the authorities


I can look back on more than 17 years of professional experience in order to find the right solution and strategy for your business. Simply choose the program items that we should discuss or that I should teach you. I offer the service for women, men, couples and transsexuals. The price depends entirely on the scope and duration of the course. Please send me an email to the contact form with the appropriate points. Important - only single appointments are possible during the lockdown!

Online / by telephone domina training 1 hour / 1 topic

Online training courses are up-to-date.

The offer includes the one-hour training course on a topic you have requested.

By Facetime, by phone or with other media.

From A - Z you can learn everything from me that will bring you to your personal goal.

After receipt of payment, I will contact you by e-mail to make an appointment.

250,00 €

  • verfügbar

Training in studio / 1 topic

Your topic will be trained in detail in the studio with me and all the necessary materials.

This takes 2 1/2 hours. You will get an experienced test person to practice with.

All information will be yours.





600,00 €

  • verfügbar

Protection and hygiene concept in the Studio Versus

  • On the basis of the SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Ordinance of the State of Berlin, the following regulations will apply from 08.08.2020 in Studio Versus, owner Domina J. Carter, until further notice:
  • Customers / guests who are to be assigned to a risk group due to clarification when making an appointment will not be received by Domina J. Carter in the Studio Versus.
  • All people arriving in the studio first wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water, Domina J. Carter also after each customer / guest. Unnecessary body contact, such as shaking hands, is avoided.
  • The contact of customers / guests with surfaces and objects in the studio is reduced to a minimum.
  • The customers / guests take off their outerwear themselves in the hallway. In the bathroom, which the customers / guests visit, there are no unnecessary objects that can be touched, such as magazines etc.
  • Customers / guests only appear in the studio by prior appointment. That means, generally only 1 customer / guest is received in the studio at a certain time.
  • The distance between successive customers / guests is measured so that the rooms can be adequately ventilated with the exchange of room air. Appointments for customers / guests are therefore given at least 1 hour apart. In the meantime there is sufficient ventilation for at least 30 minutes with an exchange of the room air.
  • Domina J. Carter and the customers / guests always wear a mouth and nose cover and disposable latex gloves during direct contact. Domina J. Carter only offers her customers / guests the services permitted in accordance with the current infection protection ordinance, such as education, whipping, staying in latex clothing and the like without physical contact, so no facial practices. The clothing is selected in such a way that the protective aspect also plays a role there.
  • Domina J. Carter ensures that all surfaces and objects in the studio that customers / guests come into contact with have been properly cleaned or disinfected beforehand and are then cleaned or disinfected again.
  • Any waste that arises is disposed of in a professional and appropriate manner.
  • Domina J. Carter informs the customers / guests in advance about the protective and hygiene measures. Domina J. Carter gives preference to payment.
  • All customers / guests must leave their first and last name, a telephone number, their address or email address and the time of attendance in order to track their contacts. This information will be properly destroyed by Domina J. Carter after 4 weeks of storage.


Berlin, 08/08/2020



Dominatrix J. Carter

E-mail :

 Montag - Samstag 11 - 21:00 UHR

10177 Potsdamer Platz Berlin

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