Interview with Mistress Carter

Moderator: Jennifer Carter, nice to meet you. You are a well-known name in the professional SM industry - how did it come about, how did you become a dominatrix and where does your relationship to SM come from?


Mistress Jennifer Carter: I started with webcam or online education, which was very early on as an entry, whereby it quickly went towards SM and absolute independence, because I receive in my own rooms here in Berlin. My big role model is my mother, a very dominant woman, who always did everything well thought out and clever, thus achieving everything she set herself as a goal. I have learned a lot from that. BDSM in the studio is the same in terms of thoughts and objectives as if you were just dominating bourgeois life.



Moderator: What are your objectives when dealing with your guests?


Mistress Jennifer Carter: Creating strong customer relationships, i.e. creating quality, dealing with people with whom I can do anything I like. It is important that everyone always benefits.



Moderator: What characterizes your type as a dominatrix, what is your core, what are your main focuses in terms of content?


Mistress Jennifer Carter: I always like to be inspired, of course I implement my own ideas purposefully in cooperation with one another. For me it's about good chemistry together, trust, from which the most beautiful things can develop. In my studio there are all kinds of latex and rubber, entire milking machine systems - rubber sex and rubber torture as the declared focus. And I love bi-games, when two men love each other.



Moderator: Can you contribute a male copy for the interested party? :-)


Mistress Jennifer Carter: Yeah. I have two extremely well-stocked copies, which can of course also be called up individually.



Moderator: Let's come to the white clinic area. How are you set up and positioned in this regard?


Mistress Jennifer Carter: I am an experienced, versatile clinician, down to earth in everything and am aware of my responsibility at all times.



Moderator: Do the so-called "dirty games" also belong to your service?


Mistress Jennifer Carter: I like to give pee and scat in all variations.



Moderator: What do you value about your guest's appearance, how should they meet you for a good time together?


Mistress Jennifer Carter: Good behavior is a prerequisite for everything. It is an advantage for me if he can formulate his wishes in concrete terms. For me, contact is preferably made via email or the contact form, i.e. in writing, so that I hardly need a preliminary talk. I am always well prepared for my visitor in this way. I am always open to unusual ideas.



Moderator: How do you see your work and actions from a higher point of view, what is your attitude?


Mistress Jennifer Carter: I would be nothing without the people who surround me, including my guests. Everyone does their part to ensure that I represent who I am today.



Moderator: Let's come back to the type of contact - this is usually done in writing. What is there to say?


Mistress Jennifer Carter: I kept developing a session questionnaire, which my visitor fills out completely in advance. In this way, I find out in detail what moves the guest and where the journey is headed. You can find the questionnaire > here <



Moderator: How do you act verbally in an encounter, how can the reader introduce you?


Mistress Jennifer Carter: My language also reflects my personality - it goes from calm, sensitive to extremely vulgar. Language is diversity, I am changeable and, above all, flexible.



Moderator: At this moment, what would be, spontaneously, a scene or a togetherness in your studio that you would like a lot?


Mistress Jennifer Carter: A compliant submissive man, bound, defenseless, who is spoiled by another man according to all the rules of the art. And then they confirm that what they just experienced was the hottest and most beautiful thing they had ever experienced. I am an absolute voyeur and like to watch men do it.



Moderator: Mistress Jennifer Carter, you are now an exceptionally attractive woman and you have distinctive charms. Do you like to use them and how generously can you be there?


Mistress Jennifer Carter: My latex outfits are figure-hugging, sexy and tightly cut, the submissive man already gets a lot of stimulation in this way. If I feel like it - and only then - I sometimes present myself completely naked, only nobody has to ask for this from me and it would not be for sale that way either. It all happens out of my self-image and because I think it's right and good.



Moderator: Do you only receive appointments or do you also receive them spontaneously?


Mistress Jennifer Carter: With me there are only meetings with advance notice and agreed dates, because I want to be prepared and adjusted to my visitor.



Moderator: Where can you be reached locally?


Mistress Jennifer Carter: It's exclusively Berlin in my own room here at Potsdamer Platz. I've built such a wonderful empire for myself - I wouldn't have it anywhere else.



Moderator: What are your wishes for the future?


Mistress Jennifer Carter: I would like to have more clinic patients, also a few new faces, preferably with their own preferences and fetishes that continue to challenge me. The most important thing to me is to be healthy and happy with my guests.

E-mail :

 Montag - Samstag 10 - 21:30 UHR

10177 Potsdamer Platz Berlin

U- BHF Mohrenstraße

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