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Lady Helena Diamond

You are looking for something special! Something that cannot be categorized! Something that wanders between the worlds of the erotic and the bizarre! A true border crosser who perfectly masters the game between seducing and dominating ...


She is a latex princess & nylon specialist. She is happy to accompany the black area as well as sensual sessions. She likes beginners and she works in the dirty area.


Individual appointments from 1 hour or more are possible with her or a session with both of us from 2 hours.


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Session inquiries and information by email or mobile phone

0157 528 71 936 /


Lady Lucia Lucifa

I'm Lucia Lucifa and I live my SM with passion and

always having a lot of fun with it.


Do you like a young, attractive, dominant woman who is only too happy to turn it up and show you where to go, knows exactly what to do with you, stimulates you and teases you until you can hardly stand it anymore? I like unusual things - make me curious and inspire me with your ideas so that we can walk the bizarre path together full of debauchery and depravity.


And let it get dirty - I want you with my Golden

Wet the shower until you choke and even then I'll keep going, ruthlessly and mercilessly. Once I get going, nothing will stop me, and certainly not you - but you don't really want that. I know exactly what kind of horny and lustful piece you are and what moves you, you want to experience - let everything out, reveal yourself to me with your spirit and your lust meat.


Are you hungry? Believe me, you will learn to love my chocolate desserts and I love it when you lie under me and you with me

wide-eyed begging for it.


Or are you looking for the perfect SM doctor, competent in the white

Clinic area, creative and sustainable even with intimate treatments? Surely you need a proctological-rectal examination, during which I explore every millimeter of your anus until I grant you pleasurable salvation. My very special anamnesis already gives you an idea of what I am able to do with you and believe me: there is much more possible.


No matter what your dreams and desires are, no matter what you want to live out and what urgently needs to be freed - in me, Lucia Lucifa, you will find an open-minded, curious and dominant playmate who is open to almost everything and who will drive you crazy . Promised. Come here!



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Sessions are possible alone and together with Mistress Carter! Appointments can be made by email or phone!



Telephone: +49 152 028 510 56

Mistress Jennifer Cane

I am a young dominatrix and will receive you with a smile, knowing full well that you are at my mercy. I will give your fantasies the bizarre completion. You will give up your control and let me guide you ...


She is a clinician, latex fetishist & she speaks verbal eroticism fluently & serves the black area. She also offers her services in the dirty area.



The next appointment coming soon!

Individual appointments with her from 1 hour or a session with both of us from 2 hours are possible.


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Session inquiries and information by email or mobile phone (Whatsapp) 0176 71 222 317 /

Mistress & Doctor Ornella

I enjoy taking my guests to their limits - but I will never exceed them. Even with the most extraordinary fantasies, the health of my play partner always comes first for me ...


She is an experienced clinician, she also applies rubber and PVC training and she is a specialist in the serious kit, the Venus 2000 & the black area.


Individual appointments with her from 1 hour or a session with both of us from 2 hours are possible.


More information at

Attention - Appointments are possible in Paderborn during the week and in Berlin always at the weekend!

Session inquiries and information by email or mobile phone

0152 260 37 406 /


Master André, alias Dominus.Berlin, ...

At the beginning of his career he made a name for himself through monthly BDSM sex columns in various fetish magazines (box, boner, headlines) and made his vision of openly dealing with BDSM topics - regardless of sexual orientation and gender - come true . For several years now, thanks to numerous reports on TV, radio and online productions, he has been the epitome of bizarre male sex work in German-speaking countries. The fact that he has established himself as one of the few men as Dominus is not only due to his sympathetic and open way of talking about BDSM topics, but also to his high degree of empathy and the size of his scope of interests. He plays the entire score, from gentle sado-maso with candlelight and fine, quiet, yet dominant tones, to a powerful forte, to extreme torture at the limit of what is bearable. He does not differentiate between his clients by gender, as women, men, transvestites and transsexuals have been part of his regular customer base for years. As a professional for perversion, both age and body aesthetics are secondary interests of Dominus, because one can rather impress him with class and unusual fantasies. He also likes to come to Jennifer Carter's exciting rooms for his exciting and passionate BDSM productions. Likes to play and the Dominus also together. Experience the classic male dominance of Master André and the extraordinary Mistress Carter in matching, modern and particularly well-equipped rooms.



Beginners, whore training (including anal & oral preparation), long-term education, prison games / imprisonment, nipple treatments, humiliation, bizarre clinic games, chastity, leather, bondage, hairdressing games / shavings, pet play, feminization, shoe & foot eroticism, tickling torture, trampling , Ballbusting, spanking, mind games, humiliation, electro stimulation in many facets, brown shower (only active), yellow shower, weights, role play, anal games & fisting, CBT, embarrassing questioning and interrogation, Venus 2000, whipping, diaper education / age play



Wrestling, Switching, Roman Shower



Fetish: leather or latex

Stylish: suit or tuxedo.

Clinic: nurse or doctor.


Military: uniform, police


Contact: +49 15 777 555 040  

Studio Versus - your Playroom!

You are a dominatrix or a bizarre lady and want to visit Berlin to give your Berlin slaves the appropriate education !? But you are still looking for a suitable location to meet your requirements and those of your test subjects !? Are you still looking for an exquisite and unique rubber paradise deluxe or an authentic bizarre clinic !?


Then the new Studio Versus in the center of Berlin is “your place to be”. This refuge of bizarre lust is only equipped with the finest BDSM brands to enable its guests a luxurious journey through the world of bizarre eroticism.

Experience the versatility and quality of the "Style Fetish" BDSM furniture, including two "Super Boomers".


Look forward to a rubber paradise in a class of its own! Wrapped in countless meters of latex, you will only find the most well-known latex manufacturers in the world when it comes to playing with rubber & latex. Masks, suits and the right equipment from Rubber's Finest, Demask, Specialist, Studio Gum, Latex AS, Cathouse Clothing, Blackstyle and a few more round off the requirements for rubber-loving mistresses and slaves.

Supported by 2 serious kits, 3 milkers, 3 ET 312, the luxury sarcophagus, the thickest rubber mask in the universe and much more, every rubber session comes to a satisfactory end.


3 cooled studio rooms await with a large selection of dildos, plugs, whips, floggers and many sinful toys. The studio is in a perfect location, just 5 minutes from Potsdamer Platz or 3 minutes from Brandenburger Tor with the Hotel Adlon. The multi-storey car park, U-Bhf and S-Bhf are within walking distance for every visitor.


The studio is looking forward to new mistresses, whether for just one session or for several days as a guest lady,

For more information, conditions or specific dates, please feel free to contact me using the contact form.


Regards J


The Studio Versus - always one step ahead!


Rubber paradise Versus

St. Versus Klinikum

E-mail :

 Montag - Samstag 11 - 21:00 UHR

10177 Potsdamer Platz Berlin

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